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HuntLab's main field of activity is headhunting for specialists, IT recruitment and if necessary, finding talents from foreign markets. Our advantage is a large-scale database within the company where we have over the years collected information about  thousands of IT professionals - from software testers to the biggest visionaries in the technology sector.
We choose the most effective recruitment method according to the profile and according to the wishes of the client and the current state of the labor market. 

Searching for personnel

We find the best specialists in the field, personal approach and create motivation for competent persons to move forward on the career path.  

We select suitable candidates from foreign markets, generate interest and introduce Estonia as a country of destination.

We publish job postings on various portals and additional channels. We appreciate the candidate's motivation and competence based on individual interviews. We coordinate communication from the first meeting until the start of work.

Based on the profile, we find the right keywords, search the databases and compile a sample of suitable candidates.

Additional services

We provide training for companies to conduct successful recruitment and make the right choices. We provide advice throughout the process.

We counsel jobseekers in their career choices and share effective ways to stand out in the job market. We will guide you in preparing the application materials.

We help you to prepare personnel-related documentation: employment contracts, induction programs, job descriptions, internal work procedure rules, motivation systems, etc.

We provide assistance in reducing or re-structuring the team. We advise those who have terminated the employment relationship and prepare them for re-entering the labor market.
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The best feedback to HuntLab’s performance is the satisfaction of customers and individual candidates. Our goal is to find the ideal solution from the perspective of both the company and the candidate. True fit is always mutual! 
We value lasting and trustful relationships. Based on the same principle, we value and select candidates for our clients. We always keep in mind that the values and goals of a future team member would match with those of the employer. This is the only way to create long-term satisfaction and years of cooperation. 

Job offers

You will always find the latest job offers on HuntLab website. If you want to apply, send us your CV or LinkedIn profile, which you can submit via the form below. 

If there was nothing suitable in the selection, let us know. This way we can find more detailed information about the offers you are interested in. We know our clients' development and recruitment plans, so we can recommend worthy candidates also outside the search period. 

Profile information is welcome regardless of your status in the labor market, i.e., even if you are not planning a career change right now. With our help, you will stay up to date with both job offers and market developments in your field.

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